About us

We are a brand new group and will soon hold our first events.

Our aims are to:
  • Provide a platform and intellectual community for geographers to engage in discussions of the digital and geography
  • Help stimulate and deepen critical engagement and conceptualisation of the digital, both within Geography and beyond
  • Offer a focal point within Geography to showcase the relevance of geographical research in contemporary discussions of the digital
  • Nurture discussion of how digital technologies are changing the methods of geographical research, scholarship, teaching, writing and impact work
  • Develop links to other disciplines, networks and practitioner communities related to “the digital”
Committee roles:

Chair: Dorothea Kleine University of Sheffield   Email
Secretary: Gillian Rose Open University Email
Treasurer: Phil Jones University of Birmingham Email
Web coordinator: Veronica Vickery University of Exeter Email
Social media coordinator: Alex Hardy Royal Holloway Email
Events organisation: Andrew Dwyer Oxford University Email
Pip Thornton Royal Holloway Email
Membership secretary: Hannah Awcock Royal Holloway Email
Tess Osborne University of Birmingham Email

Committee members:

Megan Palmer-Abbs University of Aberdeen Email
Thomas Keating University of Bristol Email
Isabel Williams Newcastle University Email
Zhuyun Zang Royal Holloway Email